Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It has been just one disaster after another. It is just unbelievable. I mean that, really. It is hard to believe that so much catastrophe could befall on one person in such a short time. Just when you think things are going to work out, something else happens that would cripple a normal person, but some how it works out.

Oh, I’m not talking about myself. I’m talking about Buffy. I’m part way in to season 3 and it is just one God Damned thing after another. Her boyfriend reverts back in to a vampire and its her fault. She runs away from home and ends up in the demon realm. She goes back home and gets crap from family, friends, and school. Then her boyfriend comes back and seconds later she is forced to kill him or it will mean eternal hell for all of mankind. And when she runs for home coming queen her new boyfriend breaks up with her and a half a dozen paid assassins come after her on the night of the home coming dance! I mean really! How much more can she take?!?!!!

What’s going to happen next? Her best friend will become a lesbian witch or something and she gets a make believe sister or something?!? You can’t make this stuff up people!!!

Oh wait, I guess you can. Still, its good theater.

On the plus side, I got the frames for the cabinet doors made for the butler’s pantry cabinets. This is my second time to make mortise and tenon doors and these came out way better than the first time.

If I had to do it over, the only thing I would have done differently is made the doors a bit wider and then trimmed them to fit after they were made. I think if these were a few sixteenths of an inch wider they would be better. Its good practice though. My tenons were nice and snug in the mortises.

Instead of painting last weekend I cleaned all of the crap left behind by a tenant in one of the two garages she rented. Three dump runs later and most of it is gone from the first garage, and the rest I will try to sell at a garage sale in a few weeks. The leftovers are nothing too spectacular. I think most items will go for less than a dollar. Its better than taking it to the dump, though.

I was able to get in to the other garage and it is not as bad, but again, its mostly worthless crap. There is a nice clawfoot tub, and I found 5 1920s doors that were originally installed in the apartments. They are in great shape and it was a pleasant surprise. Of course, they were leaning up against a shelf with 20 or 30 old, partially filled paint cans I need to deal with. Ugh! I’m beginning to feel like Buffy The Dead-Beat Tenant Slayer.

I’m hoping that I will be able to paint the butler’s pantry some time between now and the end of the year. I originally thought that I would have been painting last weekend, but that didn’t happen. I at least want to get the paint on before the tin ceiling arrives. If it happens I’ll consider that a moral victory. With my luck, it’ll arrive sooner than I thought.


Denise said...

Since you're enjoying Buffy so much, you might be interested in Joss Whedon's latest venture: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog ( which you can watch free until this Sunday. Haven't seen it yet myself, but I'm sure it will be entertaining!

(Don't forget to watch Angel too--also a well-written show!)

Greg said...

Thanks, I'll check it out.

I never heard much about the show Angle. I guess it didn't run too long. I read someplace that Spike showed up on it, which seemed odd, given the series finale of BVS.

Kathy from NJ said...

Just because I'm nosy, what do you plan to do with the two empty garages?

HPH said...

'A few sixteenths' would be 'about a quarter inch'. Ya got anything along a trim board-type that might work?

Greg said...


One will be used by the tenants in the apartments to share. That is really what these garages were intended for in the first place. The other will become an extension of my wood shop.


It could be as much as a quarter of an inch too narrow. "A few sixteenths" sounds better to me. :-) I just held them up once I got them assembled, but before I glued. The height seems fine, but I think they are too narrow.

If I trimmed the height a little bit I could wrap the doors in a 1/8 inch bead. That would look nice and make up the difference. Of course, I'll tell everyone I planned it that way all along.

Oliver's Bungalow said...

Ooh, free doors! That almost makes all your trouble worth while, right? Any pictures?

Also, since you brought this whole Buffy thing up a few weeks ago, I've had to start watching the entire series again, and I highly recomend watching the Angel series (when you get to it) alongside Buffy. They are both great alone, but there are a few crossover stories, and I think they are better together.


Greg said...

Ooh, free doors! That almost makes all your trouble worth while, right? Any pictures?

Yea, the doors and the clawfoot tub were a very nice surprise. I'm hoping to get out there again this weekend. There's a lot to go through and I need more lighting. Hopefully I can get some pictures.