Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sigh of Relief

While hardly Norm caliber, these do qualify as good Greg quality. The pair on the left, which I just hung tonight, still need to be taken down, sanded, oiled, and have hardware put on. The worst is over, though. They are up and they fit.

The first pair on the right did not come out as good. The doors themselves look good and identical to the pair on the left, but they are a little crooked. They are not crooked vertically, but rather front to back. It is odd because I’m not really sure why. I think it is the cabinet that is a little off because the doors themselves are square and lay flat.

Once they are closed and latched shut it is not really noticeable. As with everything I do, this cabinet has a little folk-art quality to it. I’m happy, though. This could be going much, much worse. This is a very ambitious project for a novice cabinet maker like myself. I think Norm would like them, but he would cringe and some of the craftsmanship.


Gayle A. Robison, DVM said...

Very nice.

Sam said...

It's looking really nice. Are you still going to do the slab of carrera at the server top?

Anonymous said...

If you are up to it, you could build a custom set of doors to match the opening. There is precedent for that.

There is a doorway at my mother's house in the foothills of the Blue Ridge. It's about 176 years old. The top is wider then the bottom. That's just the way the farmer and his helpers built it. It used to go outside but they kept adding to the house.

The really neat thing, is when all the paint was stripped off the door, there were deep scratches worn into the bottom rail where a cat or cats made their intent known to go outside. It came an indoor door in 1884.

I left the scratches.

Al said...

Great job!!

Anonymous said...

it's over the top, with all that gorgeous rita-heyworth's-hair curly burly redwood, man. no one ever noticed that she was the tiniest bit wonky.

Greg said...

Thanks all.

yes to the marble, no to the custom doors.

I didn't explain it well, but it would not be possible to make doors to accommodate the the front to back offset in the cabinet box.

Fargo said...

Beautiful work. Congrats!