Saturday, April 25, 2009

Trim Stock

Once upon I time I bought a big, gnarly chunk of redwood burl. It turned out to be a very difficult thing to work with. In the end I was forced to cut it in to very small pieces in order to work with it. Over the past few days I’ve taken those small pieces and made them even smaller.

What I’ve ended up with is roughly 60 uniformly sized pieces of curly redwood which I’ll use to trim out the middle section of the cabinet.

Below is what I started with….
{The top slab in the back became the drawer fronts and the bottom two became the face-frames for the cabients}

It was really a difficult thing to work with. I still have some of it left in tact, but most of it ended up looking like this….

Now today I turned most of that in to this - 1.25 X 7/8ths….

There is still some of the cut up stuff left over….

Eventually the uniform pieces will be used to trim out the middle section like this…

Tomorrow I’ll run the uniform pieces through the router. Once the marble is in I can trim out the middle section. No word on when the marble is going to come in.

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Jayne said...

Amazing, the process from first photo to are very talented.