Sunday, September 06, 2009

Guess Who Didn’t Show

The tree guy never showed up and didn’t call. I know, shock and horror, right? I must be nice that in the midst of a recession you have so much work that you can blow people off - Twice! Even if that is the case, it does not seem like a long term business strategy. I mean, I’ll never call this guy again, nor will I suggest that any of my friends call him.

The worst part is, the more I am treated like this, the less sympathy I have for local business owners and private contractors. If it is someone I know personally, and know that they are a good business person and tried hard, then I definitely have sympathy for them when business drops off. If I can’t be sure though, my first thought now is that it was their own fault. It didn’t used to be that way.

Now you see it…

Now you don’t.

So, I took down one of the trees myself. I have other things I planned to do with my time this weekend, but I need to get this done before winter. My hope is that I can get the other larger tree trimmed and get some new trees planted by the end of October. I will start the process over again next week and call someone else to come out and look at the large tree.

The green building is the garage/apartment structure in my backyard. At one time the concrete steps in the foreground led to the rental kitchen in the two story addition I took down. I’m still not sure if I’m going to get rid of those some day, or incorporate them in to a deck or sun porch. The side door to my house is just out of the picture, to the right.

This tree needed to come down now because it is in this area that the new trees will go. The other tree that was supposed to be dealt with last week will stay, but be greatly reduced in size. The whole job took less than an hour, but I do still need to get rid of the evidence. Don’t be fooled by that picture. That pile stretches for a good 15 feet and almost reaches the garage. It is a lot of waste.


PeaceFromTrees said...


I'm in the process of relocating from Olympia to Humboldt county and I've been tree pruning for 20 years!

I don't prune trees full time, which means little overhead, which means my prices are quite reasonable. I'd be happy to stop by and look at the tree that needs pruning and then give you a price towards the end of this coming week (Thurs or Fri)?

I have loads of references and I just set up a page on my website regarding my more recent pruning endeavors.

You can email me at or call 360-789-7843

Greg said...

Maybe. My only concern is the scale of the job. It is a large tree very near power lines, phone lines, my house and my neighbor's car. There are some large limbs that need to come down. I picture someone with a bucket truck or lift to do this work.

Victoria said...

I have 2 massively tall ( and scraggly) tree-like shrubs that I have been dreading taking out. They do sell this stuff at Home Depot that you mix with water to kill the root system / stump of trees that you've taken out. It might be a easier alternative for you rather than digging it out.