Saturday, July 24, 2010

Visit from the Blogosphere

On Thursday I got a surprise visit from some fellow house bloggers. Sadly, I was not home at the time. I won't say who it was, because I don't want to let the world know they are not home, or at least that part of the world that reads this blog. Well, OK, that is a very small part of the world, so there probably wouldn't be any harm.

Still, it is obvious they are traveling and away from home, because their home is no where near mine. There is a good chance they have been blogging longer than I have. Along with me, they were part of that first wave of brave souls who started posting on Even though I wasn't home at the time, it was still a nice surprise to find the note they left. I spent the next hour cleaning up just in case they made another surprise visit.

In other news, work on the foyer has ground to a halt. I have been side-lined with a nasty knee injury. For what it is worth, the injury is not house related. I was able to make it to the mill on Friday to order the missing parts for the stairwell. I should have the parts in week and a half, which would be great timing if I could get off the couch and work on the stairs.


Derek said...

Thanks for not saying who we were, I didn't even think of that. Sorry we missed you, we should have dropped you a line. I was really impressed with your house and a lot of the other houses in Eureka as well. The houses have stood the test of time a lot better than they have in our neighbourhood.

Greg said...

Yes, the timing was bad. Next time, email me on your way and we'll set something up. I love to show people around Eureka.