Monday, August 16, 2010

Mag What?

Oh, that’s right, “Mag Nasty”. Or maybe it should be “Mag Nasty No More”.

Tonight I popped open a can of Mag Nasty Begone and before you know it, it was just a nasty memory.

Here it is before I stripped the shellac

This is it after I stripped the shellac.

Not a good picture. The carving was actually more noticeable after the old shellac came off because there was shellac down in the grooves, which remained darker. Perhaps it was only more noticeable to me. It certainly wasn't less noticeable.

I sanded down the entire board. It is the light board just below the balusters on the second flight. The carving was about a 3rd of the way up. The structure made out of the fir 2X4s is scaffolding. As soon as I get these nasty carvings out of the way, that will come down for good. Anything else I can do with a ladder.

After I sanded I applied more oil and Mag Nasty is nasty no more.

I still need to do the other small one, but it is very faint. I did Mag Nasty with the random orbital sander. I’m going to need to make a sanding block for the other one to get in-between the fluted millwork. You can barely see the other carving in the center of the picture, just below Mag Nasty.

If this had not worked I was mentally preparing myself to replace the board. I am soooo glad I won't need to do that!


Anonymous said...


Larry said...

You are doing such a great job!! It really makes me wonder what was going through the minds of those who scratched the words into the woodwork. If I had done that my parents would have taken me out back to the woodshed.

BTW - the stairs are looking great!! I can't wait to see them when finished. I wish ours were that fancy.

Greg said...

The place fell on hard times in the late 90s when a property management company filled it the house with drug addicts and prostitutes. No deposits and no over-site. That is when this sort of thing happened.


BunnyMendelbaum said...

Mag Nasty is a great alter ego name. You should consider it.
Great job though!

HPH said...

Wow. I am so glad it came out! It is both sad and disgusted that it even happened and I truly hope Mrs. Petch never knew of its existence. I’m sure it was very hard for her to wall herself into the back of the house while others used those beautiful stairs. Then to see them so rudely defaced would be devastating.

HPH said...

Um, yeah…, Mrs. P was probably long gone by the time ole Mag Nasty appeared; and hopefully the swastikas also. Seeing something so beautiful ruthlessly defaced made me blur my centuries a wee bit.

Unless she’s the ghost in the house …

Greg said...

Yes, I think Mrs. Petch would have been hurt by a lot of the unfortunate things that happened to this house.