Tuesday, January 31, 2012

40% Off Smith+Noble

I got a post card in the mail last week for an Employee Discount of 40% off the purchase of window treatments. I must order before February 21st and spend at least $1,000.

Spending a $1,000 at Smith+Noble would not be difficult at all. Ordering before February 21st would be a challenge, but for 40% off, I'll make the effort. The only real challenge is that I hate making these design decisions in the first place and being rushed to do it would really suck.

My thought was to just order the same roller shades I put in the dining room and then later I can decide on drapes. There are 5 large windows that need roller shades, so that should come to more than a $1000.

I went to the Smith+Noble site to try and find the style of shades with the same hem and add-ons that I put in the dining room and I couldn't find anything close to what I had purchased. I started to think maybe I didn't buy them at Smith+Noble. This was about 2 years ago, so maybe I did get them someplace else.

I shot off an email to customer service to see if they could locate the order. They did, but it turns out the shade style and all of the options I ordered have been discontinued. Here is the response.

Thank you for contacting us regarding your previous order for the roller shades. I will be happy to help you. I located the order using the information provided. Our records indicate the shades were in the Calypso/Cornsilk 843, with the standard spring roll, with the Diana hem. This material and shade style has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. The decorative hem option is also no longer available. I apologize for the inconvenience. I am happy to send samples from our current collection so you can select a comparable material. Please let me know if I can assist you with anything else.

Now I'm back to making decisions if I want the discount. Ugh! Maybe 40% off isn't worth it.


Marilyn said...

That's a lot pricier than the simple roller shades I buy locally. They're a heavy, canvassy-looking vinyl with the traditional wooden roller and stick with a hole through it and a little wavy skirt on the bottom. I was always going to glue trim on them but never did. They really don't need it.It's the curtains and drapes that people will focus on, anyway.

Greg said...

Well, there was nothing simple about the ones I put in the dining room. Even if I did want to go the simple route, I just couldn't bring myself to put vinyl shades in my dining. I'm sure that makes be me sound snobbish and I don't mean to be insulting. I just couldn't do it.

Obviously Smith+Noble is not the only place to buy shades, but 40% off....

Karen Anne said...

I'm slowly buying shades from They are not vinyl but shades the way shades used to be.

Ann is great and may be able to customize something for you. She will send out samples of the shade materials.

I just went to her website. She's redesigned it and I had trouble finding the regular shades section. Here it is:

Karen Anne said...

Greg, do you have a photo of the shades you're trying to match? Just curious.

Greg said...

Thanks for the link. I'll take a look. I'm amazed that I can't find a photo on the blog of the shades in the dining room, but the image below is a very good match. That is an image from the Smith+Noble site from the time I purchased the shades. The dining room shades look just like those, except they have a brass ring pull and the color is Calypso/Cornsilk (think very pale yellow/gold). The hem would be the real hard thing to duplicate.


Greg said...

The link gets cut-off in the comment. It should end with 'rollershade.jpeg'

Karen Anne said...

Greg, take a look at Ann's shades - she has hems similar to what you are looking for.

Greg said...


Do you have a URL to her site. I Googled 'Ann's shades' and nothing came up on the first few pages, or at least nothing obvious to me.


Karen Anne said...

Greg, the url is in a previous comment.

Greg said...

Oh, I thought you were telling me about a different place.

The sad truth is, without the prospect of 40% off I'm no longer thinking about roller shades. There are a lot of other things to keep me up at night with this project right now.