Monday, September 03, 2012

What does it taste like?

What does a finished room taste like? I'm not sure, but I'm so close to being finished with the front rooms I can almost taste it. I can say that the big front stained glass window is done. That tastes kind of like a mix between paint and glazing putty. Not that good.

Megan the intern was here on Monday and did the glazing. She really did a good job. There are a lot of tight, tedious little angles to work with, but all of her lines are sharp and crisp. I was going to bring in a local glass company to it, because I just didn't feel I could do it to the level that it needed to be done. Megan nailed it. Two days before she helped to get the new glass in and then we both scraped out all of the old glazing putty.

Considering that I am nearly finished with the rooms and that Megan will be  leaving for Louisiana soon, there is a very good chance she will not be working with me any more {sniff}. I must say that she really does excellent work. Her attention to detail is only matched by her enthusiasm for the work. If I were in the business I would hire her in a second.

If you are in the business and you are looking for someone who knows restoration, hire Megan Carver for your next job. You will not be dissapointed.

I waited until Saturday for the glazing putty to cure before I painted, and then on Sunday I did a little scraping and cleaned the glass. I then cleaned the inside and scraped off some paint residue. The difference in the colors is night and day. Between the dirt, grime, and over-spraying of paint I have never really experienced this window as it was meant to be seen.

Aside from the window, I have spent the past two weeks doing a few big jobs and a lot of little jobs. The end of a project always has dozens of little things that are not worth blogging about, but still need to be done.

The big jobs were sanding the floors and installing shoe molding. Both are back breaking jobs. Once again, I said I would call in a professional for the floors, and once again I did them myself. Oh, when will I learn.

At this point the rooms are all but finished, sans furniture and decorating. The one thing that is not done are the drapes. I shopped several times over the past few months, both on-line and at local stores. I had sort of narrowed down the choice, and then when I went purchase this week I found that the store did not carry the 95-inch in stock. So they are on order, and should be here this week. As soon as the drapes are up, pictures will be forthcoming.

Finally, today I started the difficult and expensive job of buying furniture and thinking about decorative elements. I must adhere to my strict no-doilie, no-lace policy. In fact, nothing that screams nineteenth century will be considered.