Saturday, February 25, 2006

Yet Another Island Update

I really made some progress today. I went back to the antique store where I bought the first set of cabinet doors. If you recall I was not able to use them because they were too tall. I got lucky because they had a single door that was the perfect size and it was less than half the cost of the pair of doors I bought 2 months ago so I got some money back (Wooo-Hooo!). The new door is a single panel door and is very early. I could see the original finish where the latch had been removed and it was faux grained oak. The same original finish my kitchen had in 1895.

I got the walls all sheathed and got the door hung. I also got the box for the electrical installed. I went under the house and measured for plumbing and electrical. It is going to be pretty straight forward to hook this thing up. There is a 2-inch drain very close by that used to be used for the bathroom that used to be a part of the kitchen. Also, I had originally planned (eons ago) to have the main kitchen sink on another wall. When I re-plumbed the house I ran copper for that sink that never happened. I ended up just capping it under the house and it happens to be right under the island.

Tomorrow, with luck, my neighbor Gary The Plumber will be around to help me cut holes and hook up the drain. I’ve already talked with him about it and I think it really wants to help. I thought about doing it myself today but I really think Gary likes to help and give advice (and tools and parts). So, who am I to disappoint him.

Here’s where I’m at. You can see the “new” door and the double gang box for the electrical. There will be an outlet and a switch for the garbage disposal. If I can get together with Gary tomorrow I will run plumbing, if not I’ll start on shelf and the bottom of the shelf area.


derek said...

That's coming along great. You sure have some good finds in the salvage yard in your area. They charge a fortune for junk around here. I'm going to be making some cabinet doors soon, just flat panel though. Don't you love it when plumbing works out.

Greg said...

I got really lucky that all the plumbing was stubbed out under the floor. Having all the drains from when the place was cut up in to apartments has helped out a couple of times now.

Kristin said...

The jealousy is eating away at me.