Sunday, July 15, 2007

Moderate Improvements

I was able to get a few things done on the bathroom. I bought an antique heater grate off Ebay, which I’m using it as a cover for the bathroom exhaust fan. The plastic Nutone cover that came with the fan seemed a tad out of place with all of the marble and tile. The grate was in really good shape so I just had to clean it with steel wool and paint it.

This is centered over the sink.

Tail Piece Before

Tail Piece After

I also got the new tail piece for the sink drain. It looks much, much better than the pieced together one I had on there originally. It was an extra $35 or so, but it is a huge improvement on the look of the bathroom. I also needed to repair a small leak on the cold water supply line for the tub, but with that, I am officially finished with the plumbing. Everything is now hooked up and not leaking. I’m so glad that’s over.

I managed to get all of the paint stripped off the door, but then I had to turn my attention to landlord duties so nothing has changed with that for a week now. I had one tenant move out last week and another one moves in on Monday. The door still needs to be sanded and painted, and then I can hang it.

Once the door is up, the bathroom will be functional but it stills needs a few things before it’s practical to use on a daily basis. I need a towel bar and a few hooks for bath towels. I need shelves for the medicine cabinet. I also need some place for soap in the shower. The shampoo and what not can go in the window sill, but I don’t want a soap dish there. So I need something that will hang on the side of the tub like I have in the upstairs bathroom.

After all of that, I just need the marble on the corner cabinet and I can officially say the bathroom is done!


Kathy from NJ said...

So what's next?

mindy said...

I love the grate idea! Much more suitable than a piece of molded plastic.

You've got to submit that bathroom to a few magazines, it's fantastic. I cannot say that enough. And the stories you've got to go along with it ought to keep anyone interested!

Greg said...


next up is to finish painting the outside of the house. I still need to do the skirting. It shouldn't be too much work. After that, I put the beadboard up in the little mud room between the bathroom and kitchen.


It probably would make a good story. It could be a nice stroke for my ego, as well, to get a mention in a Victorian magazine.

Anybody know of a good one?

Anonymous said...

it really is beautiful, you should be proud of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Greg, there's Victoriana, which received mention on OHW recently, and I'll just bet Old House Interiors would love to show off your bathroom in their pages. That would be too cool; I hope you go for it!
M. A.

Greg said...

Thanks, you know, maybe I will contact them. Of course, I need to finish the room first.

Jocelyn said...

Isn't it the best feeling to have a new clean bathroom? I remember when we went from using the dingy basement to shower etc... to our bathroom on the 1st floor. I felt like I'd joined civilization again.

Congrats. and thanks for sharing that video of Mortimer- that was really cool.

Meredith said...

Question about the exhaust fan/heater grate cover. I was thinking of doing the same thing in my bathroom--did you remove the box (housing?) off the back side of the grate or did you shove it into the wall around the fan housing? Your bathroom looks fantastic by the way!

Greg said...


Yea, you pretty much need to remove the louvered vents from the grate. That leaves you with 4 screw holes on the grate to attach it to the wall. Make sure you get a grate that is large enough because the screw holes on the grate are off-set a few inches from the edge of the grate.

I also painted the inside of the fan housing with flat black paint so the shiny metal surface would not show up as much through the grate.