Thursday, July 05, 2007

Petch Family Portrait

The Great Grand Daughter of Thomas and Phillias Petch came through with some photos. She stopped by last week with her daughter and I gave them a tour of the house. They’re pretty cool photos. The first one is an undated portrait of Thomas and Phillias Petch. The second one has a derived date of about 1889, and Phillias looks almost the same in both photos, so I guess this one is about the same age.

After that is a Picture of Phillias with the three boys. That’s Thomas Jr on the left, then Phillip, and finally George on the far right. I seem to remember learning from some place that there was a 4th child, but I’m not sure at this point where I got that information. The second photo is also undated, but we know the youngest boy, Phillip, was born in 1887 and he looks to be about 2 years old in this photo. That would date it to about 1889 or so. That would put them in the J St house.

I’m still holding out for a vintage photo of the house {fingers crossed}.


Hank Sims said...

I think I saw Thomas on the boardwalk yesterday.

Same clothes, but he was looking a little ratty. I guess that's to be expected after 120 years.

Greg said...


It may have been a different Thomas.

Anna said...

I love those old pictures!
They tell so much about the persons and the time they lived in, especially all the details such as the furniture, the dishes, the clothes - wonderful!

I really envy you for knowing so much about your family and your house! We only just began to do some research on our house and found some old pictures from around 1900. That's so exciting and of course I keep my fingers crossed for you - hopefully you'll get that vintage picture of your house soon!