Monday, October 08, 2007

Blog Wall

So, this is my new thing now. I wish I had thought of it earlier.

As I was about to put in the last few pieces of beadboard in the mudroom I figured I should cram something in the wall, you know, for posterities sake. Actually, my house is going to be an archivers dream during the next major renovation. I’m hoping this will be decades and decades away, but when it happens there will be a treasure drove of goodies to be had.

With every wall I’ve opened I’ve always left something inside. Sometimes it had context and sometimes it didn’t. The daily newspaper is always good, but it’s been suggested by some that modern newspaper won’t stand the test of time like old newspaper. It’s there either way. I’ve also written things in the walls. Because the walls are sheathed in that dove-tail grooved plaster board there is lots of room to write. A few times I’ve sanded down a board and then written a few paragraphs on the backside before I nail it up.

So today, as I was about to finish up with the beadboard in the mudroom I started to think about what to leave in the wall. I had today’s paper sitting there, so I figured that would be good enough. Then I thought about the blog. {Ding! Light goes off}. Of course, the blog is perfect. It doesn’t get any more contextual than that. So I printed up yesterday’s blog entry, and rolled it up with the newspaper. I then wrapped them both in a plastic bag and sealed them in the wall.

I hope it is a long, long, long time before the wall is opened up.


capdiamont said...

Will the plastic bag survive?

The problem with these things is enabling the item to survive. Take the car that was buried, water got in, and destroyed it.

mindy said...

Good thinking :) I put a cd full of posts into our hallway wall, along with a newspaper clipping about our blog and a note explaining what it was all about. Of course, in 100 years when someone opens the wall a cd will probably be totally inaccessible and the people who find it will be pissed I didn't just print something out like you did ;)

Greg said...

Yep, I put a CD with a bunch of pictures in one wall and I was thinking the same thing. The only CD drives will be in museums when someone finds it.

tarr said...

I scribed my name and location onto the stained glass I made for the upper gable of TinyCabin.

There is this need to communicate to those people who may follow us. Especially since we are interested in those who preceded us.

On the otherhand, there are countless stories of home renovators wondering, "what the heck were the previous owners thinking?"

Greg said...

"On the otherhand, there are countless stories of home renovators wondering, "what the heck were the previous owners thinking?""

Yea, I'm hoping I don't get too many of those.

Bones said...

That's a great idea! I also like writing a few paragraphs on the wall inside. I know that when I've come across mementos left in walls it's a lot of fun for me--even though it derails the work for a little bit. This wasn't work-related, but once I found 80-yr-old newspaper stuffed into the walls of a cabin down in the desert. THAT was a lot of fun.

On the otherhand, there are countless stories of home renovators wondering, "what the heck were the previous owners thinking?"

I had an old VW Bug like that. The best one was a cork he/she'd put in there instead of the usual seal.

Gail said...

I hope for the sake of you folks a future owner doesn't just come by with a bulldozer! My house was built in only 1961, but in just the bathroom alone I've found a qt. milk bottle, a tag left by the city inspector and a mummified rat (makes me wonder what is lurking in the rest of the house).

Greg said...

Bulldozed!?!? Ack!

Next you'll say don't bother calling my Mom anymore because she's probably going to die soon. Jeeze!

Gail said...

Sorry about the bulldozing remark, but it goes on all the time around here, makes me sick. They tear down all these 1920s houses and put up these giant million dollar per unit condo buildings. (Go ahead, call Mom, I'm sure she's fine.)