Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hot, Burning Passion

It’s been too many months since I’ve held you, my love. It’s been too long since I’ve felt your sensuous curves and your warm embrace. Oh how I’ve yearned for you. To feel your hot, burning passion once again is almost more than I can bare. Your firm body separated from me by nothing more than the thin leather of my glove causes my pulse to race, my face to redden, and beads of sweat to trickle down my forehead.

Oh, how I’ve missed you.

So, yea, I got the paint stripped off the few runs of beadboard that were put in above and below the window. Tomorrow I can start to trim out the room. There are 2 doors and a window, and then there is an 11-inch high wooden frieze up near the ceiling. There will be a piece of fluted 1X3 where the beadboard meets the frieze, and then a small 1X2 crown detail where the frieze meets the ceiling, and finally a bit of quarter round where the beadboard meets the tile.

1X3 Trim

The 1X3 piece is the same trim I used as a wainscot cap in the kitchen and the bathroom. It is hemlock and I buy it at a local lumberyard. The 1X2 crown is salvage that came out of the 1920s addition I took down. I’ve been waiting for a place to use it. This is such a small space (4X6), and utilitarian in nature, I think this is a perfect spot for it. The plan, eventually, is to do a stencil boarder on the wooden frieze. The quarter round I’ll make my self out of old redwood.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to be alone with my heat gun. Come to me, my darling!


Kathy from NJ said...

Greg, if you ever get tired of programming, you can become a plumber or an electrician. OR you can write trashy novels!

Greg said...

Damn! I forgot all about the heaving bosoms.

Chaz said...

You are one sick pooch! Have you been keeping a door cracked when you heat up all that lead paint?

You have my utmost respect!

P.S. My Grandmama said that you did a "cute" job on the bathroom-that's the nicest thing anyone has heard her say in my lifetime-FWIW

Greg said...

Well, be sure to thank your GM for me.

slateberry said...

I never thought of leather work gloves that way before. Maybe I better get them out of the garden shed and keep them in the nightstand instead ;-).

Oh and while I'm warmed to the topic I'll go ahead and admit (this is the most embarassing thing I've ever posted to a blog) that when I was looking at the latest pictures of your downstairs bath, I was at work, and I found much to my chagrin that I was...breathing funny. Yes, your bathroom made me hyperventilate. Come on, admit it, it takes your breath away too, right?