Monday, May 11, 2009

Back To Solid Foods

Which is good because I like solid foods. Many of my favorite foods only come in solid form. Unfortunately, a nasty abscessed tooth prevented me from eating solid foods for several days last week. On Monday I was able to pay an endodontists absurd amounts of money to drain nasty liquids from my jaw. By the weekend I was back to eating solid foods and back to working on the cabinets.

I milled and installed the baseboard. That was pretty straight forward.

I also got the glass installed. In the end I did not do any etching on the glass. I couldn’t decided on anything and I’m too far into this to drag my feet now. Even so, this was a time consuming and tedious project. I made the quarter round to hold the glass in myself. It is ¼ X 3/8 quarter round that I made on the router and table saw. Then I had to nail it in to place! I’ve broken glass in the past doing this and I didn’t want to brake any this time.

I also made the shelf brackets. Veeeerrrrry tedious work. Lots of time with a jig saw. If you’re not familiar with these types of brackets, you can read about them here.

Aaaaand, I bought a carpet for the room. I’m a sucker for 25% off and couldn’t pass it up. The rug is 8X11. Originally (1895) the room had a 9X12 rug in it. I can see where it was tacked down to the floor. I could probably find a 9X12 rug at a zillion times the cost of the 8X11 one I bought at 25%. I’m happy with the 8X11 rug.


Pandora said...

The cabinets really came out beautifully! And the rug is very nice. The room looks amazing. I can't believe your perseverance - but that's what it takes to do it right. Great job!

Bones said...

That room is looking sweet. Nice!

Funny thing, though, I find that when I have excruciating tooth pain, no price to fix it seems unreasonable--as long as they fix it immediately!

er1983 said...

The cabinetry looks great!

I'm only starting woodworking now (my first project is a curly maple and spalted cherry picture frame) but your blog is a great source of inspiration, both on my woodworking and for our own upcoming restoration of a 1919 foursquare.

Can't wait to see the finished product.

Greg said...

Thanks everyone....


Woodworking is very satisfying work. I think you'll enjoy it. Good luck with the project, and remember, measure 4 times and cut once.

Anonymous said...

the brackets are a thing of beauty. i like them.