Sunday, May 17, 2009

Doing Lines

When I was still in the design phase I made the decision to bring in the sides of the middle section of the cabinet so I could have a single piece of marble for the counter. If I made the middle section the same width of the rest of cabinet, the width of the counter would have been 8’ 4”. I was told by local suppliers that stone slabs only come in 8’ widths. So I brought the sides in 3” on either side, which makes the counter 7’ 10”. I can now have a seamless piece of marble.

One problem solved and another one born.

As you can see in the picture above, I now have these gaps to fill. I’ve known about this all along and never gave it a whole lot of thought. It was always thought that as I trim out the middle section, I will just add a piece of wood there to cover the framing. {You can see a blog entry I printed up and stuffed in the cavity}

So yesterday I made up some trim pieces to cover the cap. Because I was impatient months back, and wanted to see progress, I put up the casing around the edges. This should have been one of the last things to do, but I couldn’t wait. Now, I may need to get the trim in place before the marble goes in.

I left a half inch thick space to slip the trim in behind the casing. So I planed down some scrap pieces of curly redwood and slipped them in to place, but I don’t really like it. In the picture above, the red circle marks the door and the green circle marks the stile of the face-frame. It seems like this trim piece should line up with the stile.

If I move it back, though, it will leave parts exposed that shouldn’t be. Because I only have a half inch to work with, there is very little room to get something else in there. I’m not sure what to do at this point, but I need to come up with something this weekend because the marble is supposed to be here next week.

I may try and cut a then piece of veneer to go behind the new trim piece and in front of the exposed section. It will need to be very thin, though. Remember, I only have a half inch to work with and I need to be able to fit both the trim piece and a new veneer piece.


1916home said...

Sounds like a lot of work, but the photos arent coming in.

Allen said...

What if you made the trim piece to come to the right edge of the door stile. That would be wider than it is now, but would line up with something. Then using a coping or jig saw cut it to be shaped like a little bracket that would bring the width of that trim piece back to the original width that you have pictured. I hope that make sense.

Greg said...


That does make sense, but unfortunately, that is as far as it can go in picture 2. At that point it meets up with the trim in the rest of the middle section. I really, can't go further.

mike & rachel said...

Maybe router the edge of the filler piece, using a bit that will leave an edge that continues down below the door's edge. Fool the eye kinda effect. Maybe make some scrap samples with different style bits to see which edge looks "right". Just another idea - good luck Greg! It's looking nice.

A2Wheeler said...


I love your blog and I've really enjoyed reading about your cabinet building activities of late.

One nit: For some reason, your pictures won't display for me when I look at your blog using Firefox on a Mac. It works fine if I shift to Safari on the Mac. Not sure what's wrong ... I have this probably repeatedly with your blog but no other.


p said...

Greg, is there enough room to run a routed edge similar to the trim you have on the door frames or the drawers and that would line up with the outer edge of the door stile?
If it wrapped around the piece like a bull nose edge, it would give the effect of a frame for your backsplash