Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Count Up

The sanding of the marble has officially started. I hope to finish by the weekend so I can start in on the wooden trim in the middle section. Here is the progression so far.

Factory cut

Router bit

100 Grit

150 Grit

220 Grit

So far all of the sanding has been done with the random orbital sander, so it goes fast. I plan on going to 600 wet sanding, so at some point I will switch to sanding by hand. The top has a polished surface, but I’ve decided I don’t like that. I polished the marble in the bath, and I was planning on doing that here, but I’m rethinking it. It just looks too new and modern. I’m leaning towards doing a final sanding with 600 grit over the entire surface to given it a dull, honed looked.


Anonymous said...

The pictures of the last two posts are not showing up. It appears the URLs are written with backslashes instead of slashes.

Boolysteed said...

Very exciting. Beautiful.