Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Go Egypt!

A new symbol of freedom


slateberry said...

I feel a bit guilty putting my own aspirations on what is happening there, because ultimately, I just want it to be for the people of Egypt. But remember how the Cold War was toppled from within when the wall fell?

Is is possible that what is rip roaring through the Arab world might also eventually knock the steam out from under the war on terror?

How will the world look if soon the term "American Dream" is forgotten, because it becomes a world standard to live in a democratic society, and enjoy the fruits of your own labor (no small thing, ask Yemen, where unemployment is unbelievable), a roof over your head, three squares, and universal education. Where will the terrorists come from then? Is is possible that democracy + rule of law + self-determination = a degree of peace we have never seen before? I hope so!

Greg said...

Hopefully the rising tide of democracy will raise all ships in the region. Of course, with Egypt, the hard part is only beginning. The next few years will be difficult and it is hard to say from this vantage point what the end results will look like. Regardless, this was a very exciting thing to witness and I can't help thinking that this would be a perfect time to visit Egypt. You would almost have the pyramids to yourself!