Monday, July 09, 2012


The last of the hardware is in the house! The best part about that is that it means I don't need to spend any more money on that sort of thing.

On Wednesday I will pick up the baseboard from the mill, and with that, everything will be in place except for paint and lumber for picture rail. Of course, I still need to buy window treatments, have the floors refinished, buy rugs and furniture. In other words, the hemorrhaging of cash is far from over.

Ok, so it seems any sort of celebration is premature. Just forget this whole post!


Shasha Kidd said...

You buy very fancy hardware. I'm jealous. The hardware in my 1912 Craftsman was so plain.

Greg said...

Yea, they just did not screw around, did they. Of course, they couldn't keep it up, either. That is why by 1912 the really fancy stuff was a thing of the past. The Golden Age produced a lot of nice things, but it also chewed up a lot of people in the process.


Pandora said...

Well, congrats on how far you've come. I have enjoyed watching the process. Time for a photo walk through of everything - please! Love the hardware :-)

Greg said...

Let me get some trim up and I'll do a retrospective.