Thursday, July 05, 2012

Book Signing & Documentary

At one time I had a fantasy about turning the Petch House blog in to a book. I dreamt of it becoming a best seller. I would be interviewed by Charlie Rose and Terry Gross. Then of course, I would sell the movie rights to some big Hollywood so-and-so. In the movie, I would be played by George Clooney, of course.

The point of this dream was not the fame, but the fortune. With all of the money I would make I could hire an army of craftsman and have them work on this damn house!

While this dream never came true for me, it did come true for Ron Tanner. Well, I'm not sure about the level of fame and fortune he is getting, but he did write a book about his and his wife's experience of restoring a spectacular 4,500 square foot Victorian in Baltimore.

In Ron's case, his home was not a crack house like the Petch House, but his was a frat house, which in some cases may have been even worse. I think people smoking crack and shooting heroin have less energy to thrash the house. Not so with those active, rambunctious frat boys. They really did a number on Ron's place.

So what do Ron and his Baltimore Victorian have to do with me and the Petch House? Well, aside from the weird Baltimore connection (I went to Baltimore for vacation this year, my interim was from Baltimore, and now this), Ron is on a book signing tour and will be in Arcata this Saturday at Northtown Books. You can read about the event here.

In addition to that, Ron is filming interviews with other clinically insane individuals who have an unnatural desire to fix up these old places. The interviews will hopefully become part of a documentary he wants to make. On Sunday he will be swinging by the Petch House to interview your's truly. That's right, the Petch House might make it on to the sliver screen even without me writing a book!

Of course, once that happens, the offers will come flying in. Does anyone know how to get ahold of George Clooney's agent? I want to make sure he is free for shooting.

And where is that girl with my latte?!


Amanda said...

I love reading his website! He gives us inspiration to keep going. I know he is headed our way in August. I want to try to go to his book signing at that time. :)
My dreams usually involve our house being chosen to be restored by This Old House for their T.V. show...or at least win one of their contests in their magazine for best remodel of a particular room. LOL!

Karen Anne said...

Yikes, I would stand outside my house with a shotgun before I'd let theThis Old House people near it :-)