Sunday, August 05, 2012


I started in on the painting first thing this morning. After I painted for a while I did a little more painting. Once I got tired of painting I switched to painting for a break from the monotony of painting. After that I did a little more panting.

I wish I could say that after all of the painting that I was finished with all of the painting, but I can't. Yes, that's right, there is still more painting to do. Everything that is nailed or plastered to the walls is painted, but there is still the picture rail and shoe molding.

I would like to say I finished making the picture rail, but I can't. I ran in to problems, which I won't go into, but I think most were related to fatigue. Yea, the painting. I deciding to just set it aside rather than damage the stock or an appendage.

Since I was not able to finish the picture rail I started in on installing hardware and light fixtures. All of the switch and outlet covers went on nicely, which is not always a given after a fresh plaster job. I got the two chandeliers installed, but then remembered that one of the sockets doesn't work on one of them. Actually the socket works, but the pull chain is missing and the chain is pulled in the off position. It will need to come back down.

I also discovered something very interesting today. Months ago I purchased six matching shades for the chandeliers from House of Antique Hardware. They were delivered in two boxes and at the time I only opened one to inspect. It had three shades and I assumed the other, identical box also contained three. I'm sure you can see where this is going. Today I opened the other box and it only contained two shades and a big wade of cardboard in place of the third. I ordered another shade today. I don't think I have it in me at this point to try and convince them they only shipped five instead of six. Had the shipment just arrived I would, but it has been a few months.

I want to get back in the shop tomorrow and finish the picture rail. If I can do that I'll still be on track to install it next Saturday. I still need to install the window hardware, and if I can do that this week, that means I will be done with everything except floors and window treatments.

You'll notice there was an "except" in that last sentence. There's always an "except". Someday I will write a post without an "except".

Pictures soon. I promise. It's looking pretty damn good.


Shasha Kidd said...

I feel for you. I have another week of shellacking and painting to go on the two rooms I'm trying to finish. I'm looking forward to seeing your photos when it's finished.

purejuice said...

i personally am still resting from your conquest of the mount everest of tile from the saloon you cleaned for the bathroom. oh, and painting those scaly parts way up top of the house.
lay on, macduff!

slateberry said...

If you're going to write like this, I'm going to have to NOT check your blog when I'm eating. Petch house food up my nose syndrome--when will I ever learn?

Have to say, I turned my back for a coupla months, and HOLY COW looky all you've done. It's wonderful to see the paint colors with the tile base for your fireplace. I remember way back when you did that tile. I loved how it looked then, and it's even better now with the paint!

Well, gotta get back to my own project. I'm doing some wood restoration with Conserv epoxy--first time but defintely won't be the last :-)