Friday, January 06, 2006

The Good Tenant

A few weeks back I ran in to one of my tenants at the market. It is surprising how rarely I see either of them. It is a combination of schedules, and I use the front door more than the back and they live behind me. Anyway, at the market I was shopping for the little dinner party I had just before Christmas and I started talking about my new and fabulous kitchen. It is a wonder I don’t stop complete strangers in the street and start talking about my kitchen. My tenant was very interested in what I had done and I offered a tour some day. That day was yesterday.

We ran in to each other as I was coming from the garbage area and she was getting out of her car. I asked if she wanted the grand tour and she said ok but she wanted to put some groceries away first. She ran upstairs and was back in a few minutes and brought a little gift. She is taking photography at college and is always looking for interesting things to shoot. There was a spider web with rain droplets in the corner of the porch on her building and she snapped a shot of it with my house in the background. After a few Photoshop tricks and some matting she had a very nice gift for me.

Then today I get home from work and there is a message from her. She had been playing around in the kitchen and made a whole mess of chicken pot pies and asked me if I wanted one. From the few conversations I’ve had with her I have discovered that she loves to cook in volume but rarely has the crowd to consume it all. I all heard of the message was “fresh backed” and “do you want some”. I didn’t even listen to the end of the message and I just started dialing her phone. Yummy. Fresh baked chicken pot pie for dinner.


kk said...

That makes me want to find a way to rent out our 1-car garage. ;)

Kim said...

What an awesome tenant you have! The pot pie looks delish and the photo is great, too!


Gary said...

Beware! The way to a mans heart is through his stomach!
Can she handle power tools?