Monday, January 02, 2006

Once More In To Darkness

I was in the middle of dinner when the lights flashed once and then everything went dark. I had not put the candles away yet so it was just a matter of seconds before I had a romantic candle lit dinner for one.

After dinner I strolled around the block and everyone was in the same boat. I walked down 3 blocks to where the power poll went down on Saturday during the storm. The tree that took it down was still in the street but the poll was in place and PG&E was no where in sight. Obviously this had been repaired earlier in the day.

I then noticed some flashing lights on the same street as the power poll but in the direction of my house. It was just 2 blocks passed my house and one block over. Because of the big tree still blocking the street I had to make my way across a darkened park and headed towards the lights.

I didn’t notice it but about a block before the fire trucks they had cordoned off the street. I was looking so intensely at all the flashing lights I didn’t notice the barricade. In my defense, they hadn’t blocked off the sidewalk, only the street. That, and the fact that I’m wearing glasses with a 10 year old subscription (broke my glasses New Years Eve – that’s another story), means that I probably wouldn’t have seen any barricade they put on the sidewalk either, but I would have tripped over it.

When I got about a half block past the barricade several flashlights came to life and pointed at. First one, then two, then six. Everyone started yelling, “Hey, stop where you are! Don’t move! There’s live wires all around you! Didn’t you see the barricade?” I told them I didn’t because of all of the lights. I was able to move back carefully. In fact, the live wires were still a few yards ahead of me, but that was close enough. I decided it was best to just head home and let the nice men do their job with out me in their way.

Considering it is on the same street, and on the same side of the street that the power poll went down on Saturday I’m guessing the two are related. Who knows how long this will last this time. I thinking I’m going to need a wake-up call from someone tomorrow. I’d better call someone from work.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you didn't walk into the live wires. I hope the storm has passed and everything is back to being somewhat normal soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are unhurt and safe, as well. Please be careful. We are having a Nor'easter here in NY, but are blessed with underground wiring, which is the smartest thing anyone ever did for this city. Hang in there!