Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Just A Wee Bit More

Aye Lass, just a wee bit more is all she needs.

I did everything I said was going to do to the door that I outlined in yesterday’s post and it wasn’t quite enough. I did pick up a good 1/8th of an inch but she still needs a wee bit more (say that last part in your worst Irish accent). The door itself is a little out of plumb, which complicates matters. It is certainly not the door frame I built - hmpf! I think the door could used to be racked a bit, if I’m using the correct term, but that ain’t going to happen. The top part is not bad but as you approach the bottom it is still off a good 1/8th of an inch. If the door was square it would probably close right now, albeit with a little persuasion.

I’m going to have to plane the hinge side of the door and take off just a wee bit more. I must do it from the hinge side because it already has a the mortise for the lockset on the other side. If I plane the lockset side then the lockset won’t match up with the holes for the doorknob spindle. That means I need to remove the door, plane the hinge side, then mortise the hinges yet again and hopefully I will have one of the three kitchen doors hung.

In other news, I got a call from The Blue Ox Mill yesterday. That is the mill that reproduced a lot of the millwork for me to replace missing parts of the exterior and interior trim. They are redesigning their web site and wanted to put pictures of some of my millwork on the site. The owners wife stopped by today and snapped pictures of the corner blocks, plinth blocks, outside corbels and sunbursts. It’s all so exciting. I mean, pictures of my house on the internet. Gosh, I never thought that would happen.


Ben Biddle said...

will the door frame be painted or stained? perhaps it would be easier to move the strike plate. if stained, it would take some work to match the grain with a plug and then remortise it but if painted no one would know the difference. Anyway it would usually be hidden when the door is closed and not too many people look at those details, unless it would keep you up at nights:)

Greg said...

There is no strike plate installed yet. This is a new doorway. On the kitchen side, where the strike plate will be, it will be painted. On the other side – the door-stop and past – it will be stained. The transition between paint and stain will be under the door-stop.

This door will remain open most of the time. Only when I have guests for dinner, or I’m doing work in other parts of the house I want to keep the dust out of the kitchen, will I close it.