Sunday, October 01, 2006

What The Heck Are You Doing?

That is a question many of us may ask ourselves at times. Why am I doing this? I could have bought that new condo and not have to deal with all this house renovation stuff. But that’s not what this is about. Really what I want to know is – What are you doing? Or more specifically - What are you planning on doing? To what extent are you going to be working on your house over the next 12 months.

I don’t read every entry from every blog, so it’s difficult for me to tell the extent to which people are working on their homes. Some HouseBlogs may be just about a kitchen renovation, while others may be about a long term, whole house renovation. That’s what this weeks poll question is about.....sort of.

I tried to come up with a way to express this in a poll question and I got the feeling I would never be able to describe all the different types of blogs with simple sentences like, “Renovating my kitchen” or “Complete rehab of crack house”. There would always be people left out.

There’s also the issue of the level of stress and disruption to one’s life that a particular job can make. Building a new garage and a gut remodel of a kitchen can cost the same money and take the same amount of time, but we both know which one is going to disrupt your life more.

Then there’s also the issue of time. Some people bought a home that maybe needed a few major jobs done, while others have places that can take years before they can be considered habitable. On top of that, we are all at different stages of completion.

So here’s the deal with this one. You decided what level of work you are planning over the next 12 months. Since we are kind of at the end of fiscal year for major house projects you need to think ahead. Thank about what sorts of projects you would like to tackle next year and then think about how they will impact your life. From there, rate it on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being little impact and 10 being the possibility of a nervous breakdown.

Level of stress in the next 12 months
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Anonymous said...

Wow, who are those 2 poor readers with 65+ windows?! It seems safe to guess if they're reading your blog, they probably don't have the kind that tilt in for cleaning. I hope their ladders are steady come cleaning time!!

Greg said...


I know, 65+ windows! I hope they blog about window restoration, because I have a feeling they are/will be pros.

Jocelyn said...

I find it really hard to answer that stress question. Being stressed about the house is so normal it doesn't feel like stress anymore. I think I'd be mores stressed not doing anything :)

You know what I mean?