Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Work With Me People!

Hello! National Weather Service! I’m trying to paint a house here! First you say rain Tuesday & Wednesday. Now you say rain Wednesday & Thursday. Well, which is it?

Fortunately I doubted those pin-heads from the get-go so I went ahead and scraped more paint today. Not only did I scrape more paint but I scraped it all. All of it from the first floor siding, anyway. I was also able to get all the holes puttied as well.

Now of course the problem is, if I can believe those Communist down at the National Weather Service, we’re going to get rain for the next 2 days and I have bare wood. I was going to cover it with plastic, but I didn’t have anything big enough, and I didn’t want it flapping in the wind all night. I think it’ll be OK, though. The 10 day forecast - if you can believe it - calls for a week of sunshine after two days of rain. I can spend 4 or 5 days on the second floor siding while the first floor siding dries out. I think it’ll be OK.

Here’s a little eye-candy


Anonymous said...

oooooo, eye candy! (think Homer Simpson voice)

Anna said...

Hi Greg!

Thanks a lot for your comment! I love the pictures of your house, although it really is a "youngster" compared with ours ;-). I especially like that your house is all full of corners - lovely! And are those art nouveau windows?


merideth said...

i KNOW what's with this rain? all of my trim boards that were outside drying are now wet! WET! but enough about me. your paint job just gets better! sooo pretty!

slateberry said...

They can't tell you the one thing you want to know: is it going to rain, or isn't it? It's an all or nothing, yes or no question, but they answer it in percentages and maybes. I learned this the year i bought my house and went hog wild putting in pretty lilacs, crabapples, etc. I just wanted to know if I needed to spend an hour watering the 50 unestablished plants or not. I got very good at watering late at night in the dark, after waiting all day for the 70% chance of rain to happen. But if I didn't want rain, as in your case, it would be even more frustrating. It's not like you can just pull out the "drying hose" and aim it around the side of your house for a while.