Monday, November 12, 2007

I’m On A Roll

I seem to enjoy complaining about outside help. Contractors, suppliers, and just about anybody whom I ask for help always seems to let me down. Perhaps I expect too much. I can’t really say, but at least the two suppliers who said that would produce for me this past week, didn’t let me down. Blue Ox Mill got the millwork done, and Granite Fab got the marble done.

I picked up the marble on lunch today and it is really beautiful. The veining is just spectacular in it. How someone can install granite after looking at this stone is beyond me. Getting it in took a bit of finagling, and it is not 100% perfect, but its pretty damn good.

I got the two counters and the remaining casing installed. By the time I got the last coat of paint on the casing it was too late to do the backsplash. You know it’s a last minute, rush job, project when you’re outside washing a paint brush in the dark and in the rain.

Tomorrow I can cut the backsplash pieces and install them, and then finish the clean up for the shin-dig on Wednesday. I don’t think I will finish the backsplash tomorrow, but I will get it cut and in place. After the party I can finish the edges and then install it permanently.

By this weekend these two rooms - the bathroom and mudroom - will be completely finished and I can finally shoot the “After Video”. Then it is on to the next project: The Brain {insert evil laugh here}.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Greg; isn't the kitchen a completed room as well? That's a whole little chunk of your house done & looking good! What room will be next??

M.A. from OHW

P.S. Just took the poll about the marble backsplash.