Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Votes Are In

Thanks to everyone who voted in yesterday’s poll, and for leaving all of the comments.

First off, as for the fate of the backsplash, going without one is out of the question. The beadboard does not go all the way down to the marble now, and even if I could find a bunch of salvaged 5-foot lengths of 7/8-inch thick redwood beadboard, I wouldn’t rip out what is there and replace it just to gain the extra 2 inches. There will be a backsplash, one way or another.

The idea of a wood backsplash was an early favorite and retained the lead throughout the entire voting process. I must admit, when I first saw that a lot of people were voting for wood my first thought was, “Pfffft! Wood?!? What a bunch of idiots!”. Then I started to think, “You know, those idiots just might be on to something.”

I had a few other thoughts throughout the evening yesterday – Oh, and the party was a lot of fun. I think there were 22 people, and I got to talk at length about The Petch Family and plaster. Two of my favorite topics. Anyway, one thought was to use the casing as a backsplash. I would re-cut the pieces that are there so the bottom corners are mitered and then continue the casing as a backsplash. It would be one continuous run of casing down one side, behind the marble, and then up the other side. I toyed with that idea for a while and then dismissed it.

The second idea was to use the diamond blade on the circular saw, and with a homemade jig, I would split the existing marble backsplash. It would take two passes, but I could cut off oneseeeem and get it down to twoseeem. I still might try something like that.

In the end though, I moved closer and closer to the idea of a simple wood backsplash. I think that is what I will end up doing. If I can get it done this weekend, I can finally shoot the long awaited “after video” of the bathroom and mudroom.

There’s Oscar buzz already, and I haven’t even made the video. Its that big.

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Kathy from NJ said...

I haven't read your blog all week and missed a lot - I would have voted for wood. I know you won't be happy until it is right, so see what the wood looks like - if you don't like it you can always change it. The marble top is absolutely beautiful.

I'm really looking forward to the video. Please put on your slow shoes and don't run through the rooms with your camera - we would like the opportunity to savor all your beautiful work.