Sunday, March 30, 2008

Not As Close As I Thought

I thought I was going to be gluing splinters together to finish the laundry room ceiling with beadboard. I knew I had the 10 footers in the garage, but I seem to remember them being much worse than they really were. When I went out to get them today to finish up the 4th section, I found that were was still 5, 5-footers and a 3-footer out there left over from the second haul. I remember now that I set them aside as being inadequate, but really they weren’t that bad either. The 5-footers all had spits at the ends, but all of them had 3 to 4 feet of usable wood. There was plenty.

So, I got all 4 sections up. The last one gave me a little trouble. I think the initial board was a few degrees off and so none of them quite match up with the other sections. Once I get it trimmed out it will only be noticeable to me. One more reason why I’ll need to sell this house.

There were a few comments about color over the last few weeks. Green is out of the question and so I was going to go with cream or yellow. Someone mentioned blue, and I must admit, my initial response was, “Blue! That would be hideous”. At the time I was picturing a dark blue. Then I got another comment today and they suggested a “grayed down neutral”. And then I thought, what about a sort of gray/blue color.

In fact, I’m think something like what is in the picture above. That is really not a good representation of the real color that the beadboard is now. It is decidedly more green in real life. The picture came out odd because of the lighting, but I like it. I would not have all of the variations, but one of the lighter shades there. One of the gray/blues. I’m weeks away from painting, so there is no hurry to decide.

I also made the medallion to cover the area around the light fixture today. This will cover the area where the boards don’t quite match and tie all of the other trim together. Next on the agenda is hours and hours of wonderful sanding. I can hardly wait.


Tarr said...

That looks wonderful!

Jennifer said...

I love the detail of the ceiling! Very cool.

Sandy said...

You did a really nice job on that medallion!