Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Turn On-Tune In

Ok, I’m not quite there yet, but its getting there. It is amazing how much you can get done with the warm weather and long days.

After mowing the lawn, I got the cabinet hung, mounted the Stern box, and installed 2 electrical outlets. They are just roughed-in at this point. If I had a ground coupling I could have finished the wiring tonight. Instead, I'll need to make a trip to the hardware store tomorrow for a 10 cent part. {Groan!}

Next I'll trim-out the cabinet with a cornice and a base trim, and then this weekend make the doors. After that, I’ll finish off the beadboard and start to think about the ceiling. Really, I should be thinking about the ceiling right now. I’m leaning towards a tin ceiling, which means I should order it now.

I also need to finish the floor, trim out the doors, and then paint. Its getting close.


Bones said...

It's been warm in Eureka?! Dang.

Boolysteed said...

My comment is not related to your lastest post. I just want to thank you for being the "virgin mary" in my grill cheese sandwich. The reconstruction of my 1909 Craftsman, 2nd story bathroom begins. I discovered your blog over a year ago when I googled 2" hex tiles. Thank you for demonstrating what is possible.

Greg said...


Well, "warm" being a relative term...


You can do it. The tile is a good example. Cleaning it was a bitch, but the installation of individual tiles, as opposed to the sheets, was not nearly as bad as some were telling me.