Saturday, June 21, 2008

Scraps of Scraps

During the week this week I was able to get the panels glued up for the cabinet that will hide all of the telecom and home networking hardware for the house. The final dimensions will be 4-feet wide, 3-feet/8-inches high, and 16-inches deep.

I used the remainder of the salvaged D&D Motors beadboard for the panels. This is what was deemed unusable for the laundry room. I had several of the 10-foot lengths left over and I was able to glean enough 4-foot lengths for the side and center panels.

Then, the pieces that were not usable for that got ripped down to 3-inch wide pieces for the face-frame and back-frame. I’m not sure if “back-frame” is a technical term for the back of the cabinet, but in this case it is apt. The inside, back wall of the cabinet will mostly be the plaster wall. This makes it much easier to run all of the wires and electrical up in to the cabinet.

Then, what was left over from the face-frames got ripped down in to 2-inch wide, 2-foot long pieces that will make up the slat shelves in the cabinet. As I mentioned the other day, I’m borrowing an idea from the turn of the century to make this a vented cabinet so the hardware in the cabinet can stay cool.

The cabinet that will go below it is a salvage piece I originally bought for the kitchen. It is 42-inches high, 48-inches wide, and 24-inches deep. These cabinets will be just outside the laundry room and the height of this lower cabinet will make it nice to fold close on. At least for me, anyway. Both of them will be fixed in the corner and look like built-ins. I’ll trim out the upper cabinet with a 1X3 cornice.

Tomorrow I’m going to assemble the upper cabinet and then the last thing to do for the cabinet will be to make the doors. I’m going to do mortise and tenon, raised panel doors. I did this once before for the dumb waiter style door that separates the dining room from the kitchen. The practice will do me good for when I get to the dining room cabinets. The last time I raised the panels on the table saw. I’m going to do it on the router this time.

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