Sunday, November 16, 2008

One Up-One Down

I got the right side upper cabinet made and installed. It is really just tacked in to place right now. Once I get the left side built and up there I’ll make sure everything is square, plumb, and level and then secure it in place.

In the photo, the center panel is just sitting there right now. Once the left side is in place I can trim it to fit and then nail it in. I’m still not overly thrilled with this panel. I think by itself it looks fine. I’m just not sure how it works with the cabinets. Regardless, it is going to be installed either way.

I have 2 of the panels glued up for the left side, and today I’ll glue up the other 2. After the glue sets they get trimmed to size, sanded, and oiled. Once that is done I can start assembling the left side. I’m hoping to have it assembled and installed by Thursday.

Once the left side is in I can permanently install the center panel. Then I’ll do the butler’s pantry face-frame and then trim out the dining room side with the casing, plinth blocks and head blocks.

Once all of that trim is in the width will be defined and I can start to look at counter tops. I will be doing white marble. The marble needs to go in before the middle shingle scrap section can be trimmed out. After that, it is just doors and drawers.

Right, just doors and drawers….


Neighmond said...

....and when you finish that, I got one you can come and fix.

Looks good!

Heather said...

Looks great!I admire your ability to build this cabinte from scratch with no plans!
A side note, is that an orb in your photo or is your camera lens dirty?

Greg said...

Those are aliens I'm pretty sure. Either that or dust in the air. I had to run the belt sander over the cabinet before getting it up there.

Neighmond, I can squeeze you in some time in 2012. Can you be home between 8 AM and 5 PM.

Neighmond said...

I can! I'll even supply the booze! Booze and power tools; Whee, ain 't this fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I thought that those orbes were your little fairies! You haven't written about them lately so I figured you had made them slaves and that's how you get all your awesome cabinetry done so quickly!

Katherine said...

I keep thinking that you need to 'repeat' the green tile somewhere on the uppers of the cabinet--that's what is missing in that middle row. Like, if you could insert green tiles somewhere on the uppers (or even on the back where the pass-through door goes), it would connect the lower cabinets to the uppers and draw the eye away from apparent discrepancies in the wood design.