Thursday, November 20, 2008

Upper Two In

I think this is one of the few times in the history of this blog that I am actually on schedule! Last weekend I said I wanted to get the second upper cabinet installed by Thursday and I actually did it. It’s a Petch House Miracle!

Originally the plan was to build the uppers as one giant cabinet (4X8 feet) and then get a few friends over to muscle it in to place. In the end though, I decide to build it in sections because I can get each section in place by myself. Right now they are both just tacked in to place. Tomorrow I will get them level and flush with the lowers and nail them in to place. I think I can also get the center panel installed tomorrow, as well.

Then on Saturday I can put in the plinth blocks (behind the hammer), casing (to the left leaning against the wall), and head blocks (not in picture). This is a really big deal because immediately to the right of the cabinets is the wall leading in to the kitchen, which I rebuilt years ago. This wall was where a Murphy Bed was put in back in the 1920s when the house was turned in to apartments.

They removed the door and widened the opening leading from the dining room to the kitchen and installed the Murphy Bed. At the same time they removed some of the raised paneled dado and closed off a dumb waiter style door used to pass food from the hot stove to the sideboard.

All of this was rebuilt 3 or 4 years ago when I did the kitchen, but it was never trimmed out on the dining room side because these cabinets needed to be installed. So now – FINALLY – The wall has been rebuilt. The dado repaired. The doors reestablished. The plaster repaired. And NOW, after so many years, the cabinets are in place and I can trim out this wall.

It is like one giant 113 year old puzzle.


Jayne said...

Beautiful! I say that every time I see the cabinets, I know, but it's true. I understand about the kitchen wall and the house being a giant puzzle--that's how I feel about mine, too.

Greg said...

"Beautiful!" may be an overstatement at this point, but the sentiment is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

it must feel good to stand at the finish line on the whole murphy bed thing. wow.

Greg said...

It does and not just because all of the work is behind me. Defining spaces is a big part of making the place feel like a home.

Anita said...

Yeah- our houses were built in the same year- albeit farther apart. And you are doing such a great job on your woodworking- and me- I'm painting it white. Well, it was already painted puce green, so I am not the virgin painter of it (if that makes sense.) I loved your reference to something being done on time. I always think this weekend we'll get this and this done and I am lucky to get 2 steps done. I'll keep checking back ony our progress.

Stop on over.

Jennifer said...

Congratulations on bein gon schedule! That rarely happens in home improvement.

Greg said...

"On schedule" is a relative thing. At one point I said I would have these cabinets completed by Thanksgiving. It's painfully obvious that will not happen. So getting the second upper installed on schedule is a small victory, but after 6 years in to this house, I'll take anything I can get at this point.

Anonymous said...

i think you deserve a victory lap.