Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sliced Bread Then Scaffolding

I would say I spent 4 to 6 hours building the scaffolding in the stair well. The cost of the material was about $50. As I wrote the other day, as I was building it I couldn't help but feel that it was a bit much. It just seemed to be overkill.

Now I'm convinced that this scaffolding really is the best thing since sliced bread. The first scaffolding I built was when I did the dining room. That was a 4X8 foot sheet of plywood mounted on a rolling 3.5 foot high frame. It was much easier to put together than the stair scaffolding and proved to be indispensable. The other large room I did was the kitchen and I spent weeks on a ladder. I got it done but it was no fun.

I am firmly in the scaffolding camp now for large rooms with high ceilings that need extensive work. Last night after work I was on the scaffolding in a matter of minutes after walking in the door. After diner I spent a little more time on it stripping wallpaper. It is just too easy and too safe to work on not to do it. Over the life of this project I will save a lot more time than the 4 to 6 hours it took to build the scaffolding. The same can be said for the dining room.

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Anonymous said...

I am a little late reading this, but am paying particular attention to the scaffolding. I will have to do this some day and have been putting it off. I saw an article once where the homeowners built a hinged section so they could go up and down the stairs when not working. Wonder if I can find that again?