Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Two sort of down and….

Two walls sort of finished and an undetermined amount left to do. How is that for vague and ambiguous. That is sort of the nature of plaster work, really. It is difficult to say when you are finished. Can a wall be too smooth? Do a few imperfections add character? How many constitutes “a few imperfections”? It is far from an exact science.

Since I only have the scratch coat on two of the more than a few partial walls I am far from thinking about concepts like “smooth” and “a few imperfections”. Still, it is a start. With the longer days and this stupid thing called Daylight Savings Time, I’m back to getting in some work after work. The goal is to have the scratch coat on all of the walls by Friday so that I can start in on the brown coat on Saturday.

I may or may not achieve that goal.


Jamie said...

My husband is a perfectionist when it comes to smooth plaster. I have the feeling our house (a 1927 Bungalow) will never be finished!

Anonymous said...

i love the idea of fresh clean plaster going up on those old lathes. go, g!