Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Zone

I was bound and determined to work on the plaster this evening. After work I walked in the door and within 10 minutes I was mixing up a batch of plaster, and boy, I was in the zone tonight.

Plastering is one of the more difficult things to master. Plumbing, electrical, and carpentry are skills that once you understand the basic concepts you pretty much got it down. I'm not say there isn't any skill involved, but once you know how to sweat copper you really don't forget it.

Plastering is more like welding or surgery. You have your good days and your bad days. Today was a good day for me when it comes to plastering. The mix was perfect. I was able to get it smooth with just a few passes. If all of my plastering days were like today I could earn money at it.

I have one more wall to do for the brown coat and then it will be on to the skim coat. Tomorrow I walk in the door and start plastering. I may not even change my clothes.


Jayne said...

Kudos to you for mastering the art of plastering!

rick said...

I've got all kinds of plaster to fix in my house. The materials or skilled professionals are not readily available where I live. I need all the tips, tricks, and resource info that you can spare!!

Greg said...

Thanks Jayne.


Search my blog on the keyword 'Worley'. On one of the posts there is a PDF you can download with instructions.

Good luck!