Friday, June 22, 2012

Details, details, details

I have worked every night this week on the parlors and except for the added tools lying around on the floor, I swear you would not know the difference. I'm at the point of doing prep for painting and millworker, so all of those little things that I've been putting off need to be done....

I need to pull that nail.
I need to scrape that paint stripping residue off.
That needs to be sanded a little more.
That needs a little more scraping.
That needs some putty.
I need to caulk that.

I did get the hearth ready for tile, but that is also one of those minor things that really doesn't scream progress. It is just one of those things that needs to be done. It did require grinding tile and mortar, so if nothing else it added to the mess in the house. That's something, right? I have progressively made the rest of the house more messy. That's progress.

I also finished stripping the paint off the baseboards. Most of it was done, but I saved the last pass until after the plaster was finished, because inevitably you will get plaster on the baseboards. So that is another one of those things that took several hours, but anyone coming in the room wouldn't really notice. It was almost done anyway.

I've also decided to install one more outlet. That probably should have been done before I plastered, but that sort of thing has become rather routine after ten years, so I don't expect any major issues. Now that I write that I picture large sections of plaster peeling off the wall as I cut the hole for the box.

This also means another trip under house. Oh joy!

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