Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Good Mantle of the South

I've decided to name the parlor mantle, Glinda, The Good Mantle of the South. This is in comparison to her evil twin, the dark mantle in the dining room {shudder}.

Just look at how she glistens and shines! And all I had to do to get her to look like this was to click my heals together three times and say, There's no shellac I can't strip. There's no shellac I can't strip. There's no shellac I can't strip.


Amanda said...

Very nice!

Jayne said...

She's beautiful!

dynochick (Jan) said...


How will this warm honey oak color work with the wall color that you picked ?

Greg said...

I'm not really concerned with that. I don't mind - in fact, I even embrace anneclectic mix of colors and styles. I don't want anything garish, but contrast does not bother me. I separate the items which are intrinsic parts of the house, like mantles, tile, millwork, from other transitory things like paint colors and window treatments. I don't think there needs to be a uniform theme between all of them.


Shasha Kidd said...


Karen Anne said...

A thing of beauty.

St. Blogwen said...

Shellac is easy. It's that damn wood that was always painted that's hell on wheels to strip. ;-)

That said, my, that fireplace surround looks nice!

Kate H.