Sunday, March 12, 2006

I Did It With Grunt Work!

That’s right folks, it’s just that easy. With one can of Grunt Work you can accomplish just about anything. And now through this limited time offer you can get a can of Grunt Work with 3 E-Z Payments of just $9.99. You won’t find this offer in stores folks, this is an exclusive HouseBlogs offer. Why, you’ll be able to buy another house with all the money you’ll save!

This deal is so good that we actually lose money on every sale. Any how can we afford to do that: Volume, Volume, Volume. That’s right we sell so much Grunt Work we can afford to lose money on every sale.

With our patented, secret formula you can't help but to work your butt off. Let’s listen to a testimonial.

Hi my name’s Greg from The Petch House. With one can of Grunt Work I was able to transform this feculent hell-hole of a butler’s pantry in to the immaculate room you see today. And it only took 5 minutes! Take a look at these photos.

Here it is before. The white wall was a temporary plywood wall to satisfy the building inspector. There's some silly rule about having a natural gas water heater in the living space. Sheesh! That’s the government for you, always sticky their nose in my business.

Here it is after one can of Grunt Work. The big opening where the water heater is will be framed in a closed off. Beyond the water heater you can see I moved the claw foot tub in to the scullery (Thank you Grunt Work!). This will become the downstairs bathroom. A new wall will be built 4 or 5 feet in front of the water heater to create the utility room.

There used to be 2 doors here. The one on the left led to the rental kitchen and the one of the right led to the rental bath. The addition is all gone so one door was closed off. The remaining door leads to the side yard. Eventually I want to build a glassed in porch to suck in all the BTUs from the southern exposure. Above the doors there is evidence that this was originally a wall with a single window. I need a new door there too. I will put something appropriate. I nice Eastlake 5 panel door should look nice there.


Deb said...

exactly how much grunt work is in a can of GruntWork? 500ml? or is it available in 4L jugs???

StuccoHouse said...

When Grunt Work arrives in a can do you drink it, inject it, smoke it....? Will it work on someone that has developed a fairly high resistance to work? Is it possible to trick an unsuspecting soul into injesting it and doing your work for you? If so, put me down for a few cans ;-)

Gary said...

I'll trade you a case of "Grunt Work" for a case of "Whoop Ass" you might want it when dealing with your neighbors!

Anonymous said...

Someone really loved that green paint, didn't they? It must have been free. They gave it out in my house too, but you must have gotten the Grunt Work Special.
Looking forward to seeing this done, which with you, should be around tomorrow afternoon. Pacific time, of course. :)

Greg said...

All questions will be answered. All fears will be allayed. Grunt Work is a revolutionary new product that can be drank, smoked, or injected. You can use it was a body wash or a mouth wash. Woman have been known to be able to drink a can of Grunt Work and then somehow transfer it’s invigorating power to a man with just a look or a smile. Grunt Work is completely transferable and can be traded evenly for a can of Whoop Ass in 49 of the 50 states (Sorry Tennessee). So don’t delay, run out today and pick up case of Grunt Work!

K said...

I use my Grunt Work as a perfume. In that form, it's known as "Eau de Sweat."