Thursday, March 09, 2006

My Deviant Side

Yesterday I talked about the next project which is to fix the drain for the upstairs bathroom. This is actually the tip of the iceberg for a much larger project that will include rebuilding most of the butler’s pantry, a new utility room, a new downstairs bathroom, and the mud room. The plan is to start the project now and then abandon it when the weather turns nice. The house has an 80 year old paint job on it and is in desperate need of paint. As soon as the weather turns nice I will begin painting.

For now, though, I will start the first baby steps of what will be a big project. This is the one area of the house that I will deviate from the original 1895 floor plan. If I had a scullery maid and a butler I would restore the scullery and butler’s pantry back to their former glory. As it is, I don’t have, nor do I plan on getting a scullery maid or butler any time soon so the rooms need to find more modern uses.

Below are a series of three drawings that show the current state of this area of the house, the original 1895 configuration, and the future configuration. As always, all plans are subject to change without warning, so hold on to your butts.


Greg said...

Those Victorians just had it all.

Anonymous said...

It's a big house and it's just you there now so you don't require much space; consider that in the future laundry for a family requires space for clothes baskets, ironing board, folding counter, supplies, hanging clothes, & clothes in process. I love your site and the work you do!

amanda said...

Lauren has a good point. How wide is the laundry area? Can you rearrange to at least get a folding table and a sorting area in there? Maybe you can even use your mad carpentry skillz to build a workstation with a top for folding, and lean out or pull out bins to hold the sorted dirty clothes. (I would have love to have had room for that in the Nightmare.) I'd say that the biggest challenge in our basement remodel has been creating a useable laundry area. Good luck!

Greg said...

Good points to consider, thank you. Because of the door to the outside that room can only be so wide. However, I can reconsider the placement of things in there to make room for some workspace. I like the idea of a fold down table of some sort.