Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Ageless Homeowner

Ok, so it was no surprise that Paint Stripping was the number one Least Favorite house chore. I was surprised, however, that Plumbing was only out of the running by One Vote. Plumbing beat out Drywall/Plaster for being the least favorite thing to do! That was a little surprising. Drywall/Plaster didn’t even come in third, and it was close to being fifth! I’m blown away. I thought for sure it would come in a strong second after Paint Stripping. Either a lot of people have never tried to tackle this job themselves, or you’re all drywall/plaster savants and getting a smooth wall is as easy for you as breathing in and out.

Not me {*sigh*}.

Least Favorite House Project

This weeks question deals with when it was that you lost your mind and decided to become a homeowner. When was it that you decided to give up the blissful existence of being a carefree renter and take on the crushing responsibility of homeownership?

Or maybe you didn’t become a homeowner. Maybe you are a renter right now with a great place to live and a wonderful landlord who must take on the responsibility of fixing the leaky toilet and worrying about when the roof is going to go sailing off down the street. Even better, perhaps you’re still living in your parents basement getting stoned right this very minute. There are times when that sort of lifestyle doesn’t seem too bad, holed up in the basement, just waiting for The Rents to kick the bucket so you can cash in on your slovenly lifestyle. Ahhhh, it’s the stuff dreams are made of.

When did you become a homeowner?
Blissful Renter
18 to 23
24 to 29
30 to 35
36 to 41
42 to 47
48 to 53
54 to 59
60 to 65
66 to 71
72 to 77
78 to ?
Living in basement
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