Saturday, February 16, 2008

D&D Salvage

I did a little salvage today. There is an old garage/car parts place called D&D Motors that went out of business a few years ago. For any locals reading, D&D Motors occupied the corrugated buildings behind Walgreen’s, and next to the new Eureka Natural Foods.

The building is nothing to look at from the outside. In fact, it is a down-right eye-sore. It has been there a while, though. The place is framed in old-growth redwood, and about a quarter of one of the buildings was all done in redwood beadboard. I suspect they were originally offices or machine shops for the wool mill that sat at the corner of 14th & Broadway at the turn of the century.

The beadboard on the walls has been beat to crap over the years, but the ceiling was in surprisingly good shape. A friend of a friend got the salvage rights to the place and for the past month we’ve been playing phone tag to try and get in there and strip out the beadboard. I didn’t get it for free, but because I did the work, I got it for .50 cents a lineal foot (it is 1X6 double bead board) and then a certain amount for my labor.

There are a couple of really good things about. Because it was on the ceiling, it is in great shape and has very little paint on it. Also, everything I got was in 10-foot lengths. I got enough to do the utility room in floor to ceiling beadboard. It should look cool. The room has 10.5 foot ceilings, but I can do a frieze like I did in the mudroom, with a 1X12 board, and then stencil it.

It was a lot of work and extremely messy. There was a good half inch of dirt and dust on top of the boards. Just huge clouds of dirt and dust billowed out when a board would get away from you and hit the ground. The friend of a friend who was able to get us in there to get the stuff out was not a lot of help. He is an older gentleman and not well suited for this type of work. It was pretty much me on a ladder for 3 hours. It was a lot of work, but think it will be worth it.


Sandy said...

Great score!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i always love it when you rescue really good materials. i'm still smiling about the tile from the jack london bar that you cleaned one at a time. go, you.

Mike said...

I've never given blogs any attention, but yours may have converted me. Entertaining, informative, and personable. I'm gradually renovating/restoring an 1890's small victorian in Redlands, CA. The whole process seems to become an unjustified obsession. Anyway... I'm trying to slightly expand a bathroom that was all enclosed in the 1x6 redwood beadboard (actual dimension 3/4 x 5 1/2). I was wondering if you have about 50 lf left of your salvage that you would be interested in selling (assuming that the dimensions are the same).

Greg said...


Sorry, all of that is long gone. In fact, I barely had enough for what I was trying to do. There are some large salvage places in the By Area that might have some. It was a common size.

Google 'ohmega salvage'