Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Here’s The Other One

This is the other chandelier that will go in the front parlor. It is very similar to the one I rewired this weekend, only it is a little larger, and has a little more detail. I just love this style. The patina on the brass makes them almost look gold plated.

These are original 1890s fixtures, but Rejuvenation makes reproductions of them that they call Early Eclectic. Even the name is cool.

I’m going to rewire this one over the next few nights and hope to hang them both this weekend. Eventually I will repair the plaster in these two parlors and put up plaster medallions with the fixtures.

I bought both the medallions and the fixtures more than 5 years ago. These two fixtures, along with a third, all came out of the same 1890s Victorian house in Maine. The guy was doing a gut-remuddle and just wanted to get rid of them. What ever.

They've been hanging from shelves in a back closet ever since. Note the dirt and dust build-up from living in a construction zone. It is hard to believe it has taken so long.


Katherine said...

So why these projects? (Pretty!)

Are you procrastinating on installing attic insulation?

Greg said...


Sort of...

We've been getting tons of rain and I just don't feel like running around hauling big bundles of insulation through the rain. Its still kind of cold. I'm being lazy a bit, and feeling guilty, so I rewire the lights to make up for it.

Anonymous said...


You need to get out there and paint over the graffiti (tag) on the back of your place.

Yea, I know it has been raining.

Greg said...

Boy, that makes me mad. That is the second time in 6 months they've gotten that garage. And its supposed to rain again this weekend, so who knows when I'm going to get to it.

Anonymous said...

I have been talking about this for years, and all I have done is talk, but I am thinking seriously of installing some kind of surveillance cameras on my property to catch these kinds of heathens in the act. The technology has improved drastically and prices have come down. I wonder how much effect a "Video Surveillance" sign and camera under the eves with a blinking red light would discourage this kink of behavior.


Greg said...

I know. Like I don't have enough to do already than to paint a garage door that doesn't need painting except for where someone did the equivalent of a dog peeing on a bush.

Maybe a camera with a gun attached.

Anonymous said...

Old California Lighting Co. uses the acorn in their logo and in their lighting products. They might sell you a couple or direct you to their supplier., 800.577.6679

Greg said...


Good tip. Thanks!

slateberry said...

I like yours better than rejuvenations.