Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Cut, Plane, Glue & Clamp

That has been my life for the past few days. I actually don’t feel like I’ve been getting much done at all. I, along with most of the country, was preoccupied last week and really was not in the proper frame of mind to pound out projects. Then there was the 3-day weekend, which was very nice, but it made this week at work really suck. I’m also dealing with this software vendor in New jersey that is an arrogant prick. There is nothing like getting in to an argument with someone at 7:00 in the morning to really set your day off right…bet let’s get back to the issue at hand: The Cabinets.

I finally have all the pieces in place and with any luck I may actually start some assembly tomorrow, but more than likely it will be Friday at the earliest, which means realistically it will be Saturday.

Here is what I’ve got so far. This is all still in a kind of a-cabinet-only-a-father-could-love state so don’t expect a whole lot at this point.

The Fronts

There are 2 doors stripped and sanded and the rails and styles that make up the rest of the fronts. For the rails and styles I used wood that used to make up the frame of the Murphy bed that was in the dining room, only they didn’t call it a Murphy bed. All of the trim pieces were labeled in pencil on the back with terms like “wall bed header” “wall bed left” “wall bed right” etc.

The Sides

The tongue and groove stuff was not really made for glue and clamps. It had a tendency to want to bow when the clamps were applied. The little wooden cleats you see are there to keep every thing flat while the glue was setting. I still haven’t gotten around to removing them.

The Backs

Not much to tell here. The cabinets will all be painted…so…use your imagination.

Tops & Bottoms

The cabinets are 12.75-inches deep at I was fresh out of 1X14 old growth redwood boards so I had to glue up some panels. I only have 2 sets of clamps large enough so I still need to glue up two more for the other cabinet.

To Top It Off

And finally we have the 1X4 crown molding that will go around the top. I didn’t make this but it was made with scrap redwood from the addition I removed. This is left over from when I had to rebuild the flare-out on the main house. The second story flares out over the first story where the two meet. Underneath this flare there is a series of trim pieces built-up to fill the gap under the flare. One of those pieces is 1X4 crown molding. I had them run 30 extra feet when I had it reproduced.

Next stop: Pounding Nails


Trissa said...

It will be great to see all of the pieces come together!

slateberry said...

I love this post because before I read it, my default cabinet frame solution would have been plywood. This is Awesome. Sometimes you read something in a blog and it connects dots in your brain that were never connected before, and suddenly you have a new approach to doing things. I am putting clamps on my Christmas list!
To be honest, I still think I'll use plywood for the shelves in my son's closet, but the tea cabinet in my kitchen--ooh la la!

Greg said...

Oh yea, I had many of those "Oh, so that's how it's done" moments over the past decade. Restoring this house without the internet would be infinitely more difficult.