Tuesday, September 27, 2005

First Look

Ok, so you need to use your imagination here a little bit. This is still very much a work in progress. Today I performed the delicate and nerve wracking operation of mortising the hinges. I’m actually getting pretty good at mortising hinges, but it is kind of a one-shot deal. You can’t un-cut wood, and after so many hours of stripping, sanding, cutting, nailing, gluing and clamping I don’t want to screw up one of the last operations.

This was the first cabinet and I discovered a few things a long the way. I think the next one will be an improvement. I’ll know tomorrow because I’ll be hanging the door on it then. Anyway, with out further delay, here is cabinet number one.

Still Needs Sanding Obviously

The plan for the crown detail is still percolating in the old head bone. So far the plan is to do a 3 part crown. The parts are pictured below. I think the sizing will change a bit but it gives you a good idea. I’m probably going to add a bead to the base of the flat 1X4 piece. The small piece with the Ogee detail will also travel down the sides and hide and gap between the back of the cabinet and the wall.

Crown Detail

On another note, there are a few blogs that I read on a regular basis. When they don’t post on a regular basis they are noticeably missed. This is the case with Chicago 2-Flat. I hope everything is ok over there.


Jocelyn said...

Hey, it's nice to know I'm missed! Everything is ok. I finally posted tonight. I have to admit I was really involved in community stuff last week etc... Good news is I have like 85 signatures for my stop sign petition (if you remember that little project of mine).

I managed to read a few postings but then day job was killin' me too. Have to catch up on everything now :)

SmilingJudy said...

"You can’t un-cut wood"....Indeed, yet no one else puts it quite like that. ;) Lookin' good so far!

amanda said...

You are truly an artist. The cabinet looks amazing!

merideth said...

wow...that's going to be nice looking moulding...and i'm officially impressed by your mortise skills...i fear all the doors in our place!