Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Family Business

I finally talked with my sister on Monday for the first time since Katrina hit. Their house in The Garden District of NO actually survived the hurricane and the flood. That is a very old part of the city and it is built on high ground. The houses, like many old houses, are built several feet off the ground.

Her husband waded across town to the house before they were evacuated. As of Tuesday their street was flooded but the house was high and dry and everything was just as they left it. Now, if it survived the looting they may get to go back to it in 6 months to a year and get their belongings or move back in. Could you imagine?

She told of a pretty harrowing experience getting out of the city. They were lucky in that a friend acquired a large truck with high ground clearance to ferry people out. He gathered up as many friends and relatives as he could and they were able to get out of the city through the high water. Otherwise she may have ended up at the Super Dome like some of her co-workers did.

My sister has ended up in Kentucky where she has use of an apartment there until at least January. Like Kristin over at 1902 Victorian she has talked about an out-pouring of support from the locals. Her and her husband have more job offers than they know what to do with. They been offered work and/or housing in Louisiana, Kentucky, Florida, Minnesota, Washington State, and California. It is pretty bad, but it could be a lot, lot worse.


Trissa said...

So glad to hear that the house is okay & that your sister will have a job. I hope that it is left alone by looters!

Jocelyn said...

that would be so hard to just leave one's house like that- but most people have cleared out and there are alot of national guard etc...hopefully there house will be okay and glad to hear they are holding up and finding some positive things too.