Monday, September 12, 2005

I’ve Got Just One Question For You…

Because the table saw is on the fritz I’ve had to put off assembly of the wall cabinets. Rather than sit around doing nothing, I’ve turned my attention to the floor cabinets. I need two cabinets that are 26X29 inches each. I’m using more of the bevel board for the 3 visible sides, and then more of the 1X6 flooring for the backs.

After doing some calculations I figure I need 56 pieces of the 1X4 bevel board. These particular pieces started out life in the upstairs kitchen of the 2 story addition. I know they are from that kitchen because for some strange reason, of the 4 rooms in the addition, that was the only one that was shellacked first. The other three (another kitchen and 2 baths) were all painted. Of course, eventfully all the rooms were painted many, many, many times. And you know what that means. That’s right, your favorite chore and mine – Paint Stripping! Yes, it just doesn’t get any better than this folks. Let me tell you.

I got 60 pieces out of the attic because you know there will be a few rejects along the way. They are each 47-inches long so the first thing I need to do is cut them to length. I need 38.5-inches. That is not going to be the finished height but I don’t know how thick the counter tops will be so I will trim them later. The finished height of the cabinets with counters is going to be 38.5-inches so I know I if I cut the boards 38.5-inches I will be safe. More on the height in a later post.

My goal is to strip and sand 12 pieces a day all this week. If I can do that I can start to think about the frame and maybe even some assembly this weekend. Tonight I was able to strip 12 of the boards, but I did not get to sanding because it is Monday night. And on Monday nights I’ve got just one question for you….

A Monday night party….

60 Pieces 47-Inches Long

Stop Block Clamped On To The Saw
This makes it easy to cut repeat lengths

60 Cut Pieces With The First 12 Stripped


Anonymous said...

Hey, Greg, just one, well, question... have you seen or considered investing in a Silent Paint Remover? I know you're "El Broko", but it's gotta be cheaper to just shell for one SPR than to keep buying tubs of stripper...

Greg said...

I use the old standard heat gun, so I don't buy a whole lot of stripper. What I have considered is making a SPR.

Amanda said...


If you can strip and sand 12 of those boards EACH DAY, ALL WEEK, you can do anything. You're a braver person than I am (and perhaps stronger and more skilled).