Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blown Away

Ugh! The winds have picked up in a big way. So much so that they blew the ladder off the house twice today. Fortunately I wasn’t on it at the time. It makes for very unpleasant work. The worst part is, there is little or no wind while I’m at work or doing other things. For the past two days though, as soon as I’m ready to go outside and strip paint off the house – Whoosh!

I have managed to get a lot of the first story siding stripped in Section 4, but getting up to the second floor is treacherous with this wind. On Sunday I did drag my butt outside for a short bit and I get about 20% of the second story done. Since then: nothing, zip, zilch, nada.

It’s frustrating because the sky is blue, the temperature is nice, but the wind….oh, the wind. If I was back on the south side of the house I could work in it easily, but I’m just so exposed on the north side that faces the bay. Even with layers of clothing the wind just cuts through me like knife. Hopefully it will die down soon because I’m running out of first story siding to work on.

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