Saturday, September 23, 2006

Wind, Winded, Window

No, I’m not conjugating house parts. These are the three things this brief blog entry will deal with.

Wind - Brutal. It added a third to the time it took to do this section. Today wasn’t bad, but yesterday – oh, man. At one point I was all the way at the top of the ladder and a gust of wind hit so hard that the ladder slid about 3-inches across the house. Three inches doesn’t sound like much, but frankly any movement when you’re that high on a ladder is not good. A cold sweat just sort of washed over me.

Winded – That’s pretty much what I am at this point. I think fear is exhausting. The second story part of Section 4 is primed and ready for paint, but I didn’t get to the first floor part. Tomorrow I’ll do a final sanding and prime the first floor. I think I will finish up this section by Tuesday.

Window – This is the topic of this weeks poll question. I remember reading a post by Jane Powell over at The Old House Journal forum about her house and it’s number of windows. Jane Powell writes all the Bungalow books. Anyway, I don’t remember all the details, but I think she has a massive 3,000 sq ft bungalow (Bungaloid?) in Oakland, CA and she said it has 80 windows! Eighty! Could you imagine? It makes my 26 windows look paltry in comparison. I could have that number wrong, I do remember it was an astounding number of windows, though.

Anyway, this weeks question is, How Many Windows Does Your House Have?

How Many Windows Does Your House Have?
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6 to 10
11 to 15
16 to 20
21 to 25
26 to 30
31 to 35
36 to 40
41 to 45
46 to 50
51 to 55
56 to 60
61 to 65
More Than 65
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amanda said...

We have 28 windows, and we live in a duplex! It's very difficult arranging furniture in here.