Thursday, September 21, 2006

Less Wind Is Still Wind

And it’s no fun to work in. It feels like my whole body is chapped. I was able to get up on the ladder and work on the second story today, but it was not what I would consider fun. I managed to get about 2/3rds of the shingles scraped and puttied. Most of the first story is scraped and puttied as well. On the second story I still have the window and the shingles to the right of the window. Here’s where I’m at.

Pretty much everything to the left of the windows is done. Tomorrow I want to get the downspout off and finish up the shingles. If I can get all the shingles stripped at puttied tomorrow then I’m going to try and get up there first thing Saturday morning and finish sanding and primer.

Normally on the weekends I don’t start working on painting until after noon. According to weather reports we are supposed to get more wind tomorrow and then it calms down on Saturday. I don’t want to take any chances though. If I get a late start Saturday I might end up with more of this cold, windy weather. No thank you.

If I get out there early on Saturday and get the second story primed then I can work on the first story whether it’s windy or not. On Sunday I’ll do the same thing for the top-coat.

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