Monday, October 30, 2006

Grate, Juuuust Grate!

If you’ve read my blog long enough you’re probably thinking that the title is a typo, and most of the time you’d probably be right. However, in this case I’m talking about antique heater grates. I purchased a pair on Ebay to use as foundation vents for the outside of the house, and they came today.

There were 3 of them available at the same time, in 3 separate auctions, from the same seller. I didn’t notice until I unpacked the 2 I won that they aren’t really an exact match. Now that I think about it, maybe 2 did match and there was a third one that was a close match. They’re close enough that I don’t think anyone will notice.

All of the auctions ended about 2 minutes apart and the bidding was fast and furious at the end. I only need 2 for the north side of the house that faces the street, but the plan was to try and get all three. I won the first one, lost the second one, and then won the last one. It was thrilling, but now I'm thinking the second one must have a been the exact match for one of the ones I got. Oh well.

Next I’ll soak them in TSP and water for a few days to strip the paint off. They’re too big to boil. After that, some spray paint and then slap them on the house.


amanda said...

Very pretty! No one will ever notice that they're not an exact match for each other. I'm willing to bet, even will all the bidding, that they were much cheaper than the ones that we had to have custom fabricated for the inside of the house from crafthome, though!

Jocelyn said...

very funny Greg :)

They just don't make 'em like that nowadays do they?